Workshop: »The Invisible Craft – Bookbinding for Curators«

© Bernhard Cella, The invisible craft, Vienna 2016

Until the 19th century, bookbinding was a purely artisanal craft that reached individual peaks of mastery, especially in France. While the art of bookbinding is hardly attracting attention today, numerous bookbinders enjoyed their status as artists in former times.

The technique of thread binding is practiced at one of the workbenches constructed by Bernhard Cella. Curators at twelve working stations acquire the manual crafts of collating, blocking and binding their text contributions. The work of everyone who contributes to the binding process is personalized through annotation and signature.

Thus, in Cella’s “atelier with opening times,” a handmade publication is produced as a limited edition for VIENNA ART WEEK 2017.

In German and English

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