Performance: Susanne Schuda, »Late Night Group Therapy«

Photo: Samuli Schielke, Montage: Susanne Schuda

»Late Night Group Therapy is a psychological technique I invented to put something between infotainment, blame shifting and gut feelings.« Schudini The Sensitive

»Late Night Group Therapy« is a media format from the International Party of the Sensitive hosted by the party’s founder, Schudini The Sensitive. With this gut-controlled infotainment format, the performance aims to make ambivalence, dilemmas and paradoxes easier to perceive. The International Party of the Sensitive views crises as opportunities, at least in so far as they make all ambivalence, any dilemma and all paradoxes visible even to the insensitive – which puts an end to any sort of suppression. “Late Night Group Therapy« is part of the exhibition »ba ≠ b+a | 10 Years MUSA . From the City of Vienna contemporary art collection.«

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