Presentation: »EVOLUTION AUGARTEN – an Intervention by Xenia Ostrovskaya«

Xenia Ostrovskaya, Evolution Augarten, © Xenia Ostrovskaya

Xenia Ostrovskaya’s objects “EVOLUTION AUGARTEN” are an interpretation of almost 300 years of Viennese porcelain with a series of pictures made of porcelain pieces and placed in a contemporary context. They create a fascinating intervention in the richly historical location and take visitors on a time trip through 300 years of Viennese porcelain.
The silk-screen printing process is used to transpose historical views of Vienna’s oldest Baroque garden onto porcelain pieces from the second oldest porcelain manufactory. Embellished and supplemented by animal drawings, color effects and landscapes, the objects offer lots of delightful scope for imagining fanciful stories and fantastic associations.

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