Finissage: Clemens Krauss - "Unknowing"

With the title "Unknowing" (Nichtwissen), Clemens Krauss refers to a phenomenon that is again increasingly affecting society and politics: the "belief to know", which is placed above the actual "knowledge", and thus the "ignorance" to the categorical Imperative and determining factor of doing, acting and refraining.

Krauss approaches this phenomenon in three ways in the exhibition: On the one hand, he specifically addresses it in pasty oil paintings, in which he shows individuals, groups of people or animals from disturbing, unusual perspectives, whereby the observer never knows exactly what, and above all, of where he sees something. Second, he explores the "belief in knowing" in controversial video works using film and video recordings from his own youth. Thirdly, he infuses the knowledge-non-knowledge dynamic into the realization of the exhibition itself: at the beginning of the exhibition, only a few works are completed.

In an extra room of the gallery, Clemens Krauss, who completed his training as a psychoanalyst in addition to his art studies, received visitors for five weeks for therapy sessions. He continuously processes the impressions he has gained in new works.

The result is a large, space-related work, which consists of various, reflecting the subjekive knowledge of the visitors and the artist elements and is complete only on the last day of the exhibition.

Clemens Krauss was born in Graz in 1981 and has been living in Berlin since 2003. Although he is only 36 years old, he can already look back on a considerable number of institutional solo and group exhibitions, including in Sydney, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Montreal, Johannesburg, London, Paris, Stockholm , Berlin and Istanbul.

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