Lecture Performance: »#digital- disobedience«

François Roche on the behalf of S/He, architect, France

Could we define a strategy of disobedience from and within technologies? As ‘operaism’ strategies, could we face the Data based organization by twisting, drifting, shifting, corrupting, transgressing, through apparatuses of de-alienation.
How could we in the same time fight against the humiliating status of Schengen immigrant, against the Oz Wizard politic master of Oval Room, and many others on the same ilk….and in parallel, when it concerns directly architecture process and design, ignore the situation about data and mass data’s illusion fair... (Assange and Snowden leaks)
Technologies are not innocent or/and inoffensive (see Wozniak, Hawking and other becoming alert launcher on the increasing inadequacy between Cutting Edge Tech. and Politic). As architect, we cannot sweep with a backhand the revival of populism, as the artefact of the fears… paranoiac or real, as the abandon artefact of the question of post-capitalism production (subjective or real) through operative and aesthetic criticism.
When architecture is balanced in some irrelevant reductive niches as digital biomimicry, NGO post colonialist carnival, Robotic fetishism, Semiologist reactionaries, or just 3D print actually at Pompidou Center… how could we re-negotiate the title “Architect” (without prefix or suffix) in an operative transgressive schizophrenia… from the ontological battle…’’with and against,_fou et bouffon du prince”… revealing through ecosophy, ‘pataphysic, parrhesia, anthropotechnologies, the rules and the hypocrisies of each situation (the Styx river run upstream of Dan Simmons). The post-humanism is not a blank check for deterritorialized techno-libertarian orphaning kids. It is not only a graft for performative prosthesis, but the re-articulation of the bios, the bio-politic agenda through tooling, fabrication with narration and fiction (in the sense of Michel Foucault, to knot and unknot the reality and its perception).
Do we need pulls back the curtain? And reveal that architecture is consubstantial to zones of conflict which cannot be metabolized by sympathetic moralism or techno parade, could we suspect the actual digital-Fireman-Art to be a lure, to quote Gilles Lipovetsky … or at the opposite to develop a manual of digital barricades, in the pursuit of Auguste Blanqui (1866).
‘’S/he’’ will delegate her personal Secretary Francois Roche as her/him voice…

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