kozek hörlonski, »Kompositum III / GOLEM«

Kompositum II / Hobagoass Take A Bow, Düsseldorf 2011 Photo: Katja Illner, © Bildrecht, Vienna, 2017

Urban spaces are getting denser at increasing speed, with old, unused areas making way for new. At the same time cities are sprawling into the periphery, as new living space emerges on previously idle land. But often all the plots are allocated before building begins, leaving almost no space for art or civic engagement.

Against this backdrop of current urban development processes, KÖR (Public Art Vienna) examines possibilities of free action in occupied urban spaces. As well as focusing on the early integration of artistic design concepts in concrete development proposals, its projects center on artworks that deal with not just the reclamation of spaces but also with strategies that get by without their own spaces, that use and transform spaces as they exist.

As part of VIENNA ART WEEK, KÖR has invited the artist duo kozek hörlonski to give a performance examining the planning already completed for the area around the main station in the Favoriten district of Vienna. kozek hörlonski interweave and compress different levels and contexts – artistic and folkloric, historical and narratively literary, mystic and psychic – thus creating dynamic space sculptures that merge multiple references. They deal with sociopolitical events and gender issues, often on the basis of their own biographies as artists. In this process they stun and confront their audiences with props and situations that are as Dadaesque as they are heterotopic. In their performances kozek hörlonski also establish a relationship with the constant transformation that urban living (and experience) spaces are undergoing. They use motifs and humor to comment on the current condition of public spaces in an irritating and ironic way while awakening enjoyable uncertainties.


Meeting point: main entrance to Hauptbahnhof station / Lion of Saint Mark, 1100 Vienna

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