Guided tour / Conversation: »schnittpunkt – power of display«

Outer façade of the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, 1932 © Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

“heimat : machen. The Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna between everyday life and politics”

100 years after the building was converted into a museum, “heimat : machen” examines statements and actions issued by the City of Vienna in the name of “cultural identity” and “Heimat” and explores new ways of portraying an institution. The exhibition focuses on content-related and formal approaches to design and includes the institution’s collection and exhibition history.

Conversation: Beatrice Jaschke, “schnittpunkt,” in a conversation with curators Birgit Johler and Magdalena Puchberger, exhibition designer Renate Höllwart, and exhibition architect Gabu Heindl

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