Celebration: »10 years in office: das weisse haus.«

Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller, La Tarte Esterhazy, 2011 / Foto: Max Hochstätter

»10 years in office: das weisse haus. Decade review & future view, including coffee and (t)art«

It has already lodged in a butcher’s shop, on a business floor, in tax authority offices, and is presently housed in a school. das weisse haus has organized exhibitions in six venues throughout the city; fostered “studio das weisse haus,” an artist-in-residence program with studios for local artists; been one of the first institutions in Vienna to include curators and cultural journalists in its program; established the Erst Bank ExtraVALUE Art Award in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum (ACF) New York and the Erste Group; and entertained cooperative ventures with national and international universities and cultural institutions.

In ten years’ work for the arts, “white houses” have had countless floors scrubbed, roofs polished, walls pulled down, whole façades artistically dismantled and have shown the works of around 550 national and international artists. das weisse haus and the team around Alexandra Grausam have seen a great deal, opened a great deal, come up against limits and yet have developed unequivocally into one of the most vibrant locations in the city, a platform for mostly young artists who as yet have no gallery backing them, or are rarely shown here.

And now? The decade review is being unreservedly declared a constructive future view, and everyone is invited to a public brainstorming session: “What would I like from the ‘white house’?” is the question. Anyone who has something to say should call round, pre-party and think ahead – there’s coffee and (t)art by Hanakam & Schuller and a whole stack of empty post-its for ideas.

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