Opening: »Transcultural Emancipation« / »Das uneingelöste Versprechen der Kunst«

Olson Lamaj, SHQIPE, 2007/2017, Photo on Etalbon/Billboard

»Transcultural Emancipation: Levi Ota, Mila Panić and Alexandru Raevschi«
»Das uneingelöste Versprechen der Kunst«

What is the gist of emancipatory processes that aim to liberate us from worldviews imposed on us by media politics and turbo-liberalism? As part of a project curated by Ursula Maria Probst in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Chancellery and Kultur­Kontakt Austria, art is displayed on billboards mounted to the outer walls of the Fluc project space. Pursuing a political approach to the arts, the artists in residence Ota, Panić and Raevschi are offered a surface for intervention in public space. In parallel, the series »In the Cabinet’s Cubage – the Art Salon in the Fluc« is presenting an exhibition entitled »Das uneingelöste Versprechen der Kunst« (The unredeemed promise of art) with Simone Carneiro, Kosta Tonev, Lucas Bambozzi, Markus Krottendorfer, Juliana dos Santos and others.

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