»departure tour«

Photo courtesy of Claudia Larcher

Join the Vienna Business Agency’s departure tour of businesses that work at the dynamic interface of technology and art, and take a peek into the world of digital creativity. Viennese creative people from the sectors of media art, games, animation and 3D visualization open up their studios, galleries and offices for the departure tour and present their work and productions to visitors. Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör (Vienna Business Agency’s creative center departure) is the tour guide.

In their game studio at MuseumsQuartier, Broken Rules have been developing extraordinary computer games since 2009 that are striking for their independent artistic style and subjects that are quite remote from conventional gaming clichés. The current project “Old Man’s Journey,” a production sponsored by the Vienna Business Agency, is about life, loss and hope.

Salon Alpin is a visual production studio with headquarters in Vienna and Lisbon, its multifaceted range hovering between visual art, typo­graphy, graphic design, illustration and animation, as well as film production and music. In all these fields, Salon Alpin combines ana­logue techniques like cartoons with digital processes. Award- winning and elaborately produced campaigns as well as the multi-prizewinning short animation film “Much Better Now” speak for themselves.

In the studio of the Vienna startup company IONOMO, 3D figures are created out of real people and objects and featured in film, art, architecture visualization and virtual reality productions. To do this, 43 cameras are connected to eight Raspberry Pi computers. By means of 3D scanning and a self-developed software system, 3D models can be created at the touch of a button that can be integrated into 3D worlds.

In her multi-media works, Claudia Larcher uses abstraction, exaggeration and alienation to stage living spaces, architectural landscapes and natural formations as utopian expanses or dystopian scenarios. Galerie Raum mit Licht (Raum 2) gives a preview of Claudia Larcher’s latest video “Untitel” (8 min.), followed by a Q&A session in the presence of the artist.

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