»COUNTDOWN. Relaunching an institution - # 6 Exhibition policy and artistic production«

Cup of Karlsplatz 2017 © Künstlerhaus, Foto: Michael Nagl

Participants: Christian Helbock, artist and curator; Iris Dressler, co-director of the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart; Josef Dabernig, artist and filmmaker

Due to complete refurbishment of the Künstlerhaus on Karlsplatz, an adequate interim exhibition venue had to be found for the period of renewal. A building in the Margareten district provides an exciting and charming new home for the Künstlerhaus, which will be reopened on Karlsplatz in 2019. Starting with a number of lectures and interviews entitled “PRODUKTION UND SCHWESTERFELDER,” the “COUNTDOWN” event series (curator: Christian Helbock) aims to discuss burning issues related to the relaunch. Figures from the art scene were invited to participate in the debate. The advertisement of the post of artistic director makes these discussions particularly timely. Six events will take place between fall 2017 and spring 2019. Each topic will be introduced in a brief presentation and will then be expanded upon in a guest lecture, followed by another guest contributing knowledge from their field of work. This will lead directly on to an open yet moderated debate. The aim is to address important institutional issues and assess them in terms of the future orientation and positioning of the Künstlerhaus. An additional goal is to discuss how members of the association and other interested parties can be involved in this process. The topics are: producing an institution; communication and the public; “A Mediation Agency for Free Thought;” organization and transparency; objectives and processes; limits of participation and their definition; exhibition policy and artistic production; criticism and experimentation; learning processes of an educational institution; public and protected space.

Relaunching an institution 2017–2019
6 Exhibition policy and artistic production
5 Producing an institution
4 Limits of participation and their definition
3 Criticism and experimentation
2 Learning processes of an educational institution
1 Communication and the public

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