Exhibition: "Hidden Thoughts of a Visual Nature" - Sigmund Freud Museum Contemporary Art Collection

This exclusive exhibition can only be visited after the official opening on 17 November and on Saturday, 18 November, as part of Open Studio Day.

The science of psychoanalysis has always held a great fascination for artists – both as a medium for reflection and as an instrument for creating meaning, and “Freud’s cultural work” (Thomas Mann) remains a popular subject for many contemporary artists too: similar to how images in dreams visualise hidden thoughts, artistic formulations probe the depths and meanings of our current cultural self-perception, depicting the forces that shape the individual and the collective unconscious. The works in the Sigmund Freud Museum’s collection of conceptual art furnish impressive evidence of this fact.

The rooms in which Sigmund Freud set up his “first surgery” on the mezzanine of the building more than one hundred years ago are now to be opened to public for the first time as part of this exhibition. Where Freud once received patients and sought to decipher his own dream images, we now see the imaginings of contemporary artists take root – HIDDEN THOUGHTS OF A VISUAL NATURE: alongside works by John Baldessari, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Jessica Diamond, Georg Herold, Ilya Kabakov, Joseph Kosuth, Sherrie Levine, Franz West and Heimo Zobernig, the show will also feature the new additions to the collection, works by Susan Hiller and Wolfgang Berkowski.
Admission free, register at: veranstaltung@freud-museum.at

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