Opening: »Hidden Thoughts of a Visual Nature«

Pier Paolo Calzolari, Avido © Spiluttini

Sigmund Freud Museum Contemporary Art Collection

This exclusive exhibition can only be visited after the official opening on 17 November until Friday, 24 November.

Sigmund Freud’s insights into the human psyche and the elements of cultural theory in his psychoanalytical work have always held a fascination for the arts. As much a medium of reflection as it is an instrument creative of meaning, Freud’s cultural achievement has engaged artists again and again. In the same way that, in Freud’s view, images conceived in dreams visualize hidden thoughts, artistically formulated content fathoms the depths of our cultural self- image and highlights the forces that shape it. For a short period, the premises in the mezzanine of Berggasse 19, where Freud once practiced and which have remained closed to the public so far, are home to a show of selected works from the Sigmund Freud Museum’s collection of contemporary art: “Hidden thoughts of a visual nature” have as their subject both the symbolism of the language of psychoanalysis and the forces concealed in the human unconscious mind.

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