Exhibition: »Minimum III«

Franz Erhard Walther / Martin Boyce, 2014

Works by: Absalon, Olivier Mosset, VALIE EXPORT, Florian Pumhösl, Andrea Zittel, Julia Haller, James Robertson, Anne Schneider, John Armleder, Franz Erhard Walther, among others

Film screening: Films by Marian Tubbs 15–18 Nov. 2017 5:00–7:00 pm, on all days

The basic idea of the GESSO Artspace (concept: Andreas Reiter Raabe) is to (re-)contextualize well-known and less well-known upcoming and forgotten artists in order to generate new contexts. Ephemera and works are treated as equivalent. The form of the exhibition is seen as a process, with exhibitions and themes arranged in series so as to explore them in greater depth.

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