Exhibition: »Marie Luise Lebschik. IM TRAUM – Die findigen Tiere«

Marie Luise Lebschik, Der Hochzeitshund, 2016 / photo: Wolfgang Burat

The exhibition features new paintings from Cologne-based Austrian artist Marie Luise Lebschik. Viewers of the delicate oil paintings will think themselves in a dreamworld with girls (the artist has remained true to this subject) in imaginary spaces reminiscent of naves or museums hung with works by Caravaggio and Velázquez. Occasionally a cat or dog will linger at the girl’s side in the soft focus of the oneiric image. These “knowing animals,” as Rainer Maria Rilke would call them, create “for a second the illusion of their own presence,” is what philosopher Peter Sloterdijk said about Lebschik’s paintings.

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