Exhibition: »Florian Hecker. Hallucination, Perspective, Synthesis«

In Florian Hecker’s work, visual art and (electronic) music form a unity. Sculptural elements can be both sources of sound and modifiers, amplifiers, or directors of acoustic sensations within space. Hecker has created a “synthetic” composition specifically for Kunsthalle Wien, including a scenographic space for its enactment.

His syncretic works disclose a grey area amid different conventions of musical psychology and psychoacoustics, where the coherence of experience is disrupted. In this zone, objects exist in various places at the same time, events obliterate within the space, and the stream of experiences can diverge, merge, or split up. As in resent exhibitions by Tony Conrad or Charlemagne Palestine, visitors will experience a synaesthetic adventure aspiring to make sound visible and tangible.

Curator: Vanessa Joan Müller

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