Exhibition: "Saving The World"

Ernst Jäger, Good Smell Baby, 2016

25 Oct.-15 Dec. 2017
The exhibition examines worldviews that insistently and obsessively place detailed order in place of obvious chaos, find systems underlying unbearable unpredictability and believe themselves to be clearing paths through a global
thicket. It is about the fear of losing control, about the constant fear of losing oneself, and always about gaining clarity. Individual cosmologies show perspectives of inner worlds, classify strange animals and insist on peculiar systems that always wish to adjust anything that threatens to get out of joint. Withdrawal into such “fettered freedom” (Michel Foucault) promises an escape from the world into the safe realms of imagination. This atlas of imagination unveils spaces that must be defended, no matter how futile the attempt.
The exhibition is fascinated with escapism, which holds worlds in place and creates systems that reveal nothing other than all the ways to escape from this world.
Works ranging from Christian Ludwig Attersee to Aloys Zötl
Curated by: Brigitte Felderer and Eva Maria Stadler

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