Exhibition: »The Terrassenhaus. A Viennese Fetish? SammlungsLab #1«

The Terrassenhaus (stepped-section house) as a housing type is more in fashion than ever. The new exhibition format “SammlungsLab” offers an opportunity to question the concept in view of today’s residential architecture. Ever since Adolf Loos designed the Terrassenhaus in 1923, this type has been regarded in Vienna as an innovative form of urban housing. The first “SammlungsLab” traces the phases of development and significance of the stepped-section house since then. The Terrassenhaus promises to fulfill the users’ demands for closeness to nature combined with urban density. On the other hand, it provides architects with aesthetic options for “reinterpretations” of the cohesive residential block.
The exhibition is based on the hypothesis that the stepped- section house is to be understood as an ambiguous phenomenon between a sociological living concept and a construction form with monumental overtones. In dialogue with the collection holdings, it highlights the theme in four sections, using historical and contemporary examples. It also highlights the fierce controversies that have flared up between the polarities of rejection and fetish.
The exhibition centers on five Viennese stepped-section houses as a large-format assemblage that reinterprets and contemporizes the glyptotheque of the 19th century.

Curated and designed by Lorenzo De Chiffre in collaboration with Monika Platzer, Az W.

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