Artist Talk / Guided Tour: Nick Oberthaler, »Changes«

Nick Oberthaler, Untitled (L’Or real/who is afraid of?), 2017 / © Peter Tijhuis, Amsterdam Courtesy des Künstlers, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Wien & Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam

Nick Oberthaler talks to artist colleagues

Nick Oberthaler’s works query the difference and transformability of picture elements in various contexts: they explore the significance of the picture(d), the relationship of presentation and representation in painting. Ober­thaler’s interest in the painting ground and surface is reflected in a method that integrates the surrounding space. His confrontation with yearnings, wishes and desires is re-contextualized by fragmentation and re-combination of aesthetic elements. In the exhibition »Changes,« which is based on his own concept, he invites fellow artists to a discussion on the relationship between painterly practice and performance, music and installation.

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